Homeowner Association Management FAQ

  • 1. Q: Will Chandler Properties manage a homeowner association outside of San Francisco?
    A: No. We specialize in managing only homeowner associations located in San Francisco.
  • 2. Q: How do you handle emergencies at night and on weekends?
    A: We have a 24-hour answering service. If there is an emergency at one of the buildings, anyone can call our main number, 415-921-5733, and the answering service will listen to the emergency and immediately page our emergency service contractor, Hetherington General & Plumbing Co.  Hetherington will then dispatch a worker to address the emergency. If it is a small job, they will not only stop the emergency but perform the repair. If it is a large issue that would require more than a few hours to fix, they will stop the emergency and call the property manager, who will get bids to complete the repair. If an emergency happens during business hours, the call is received by our receptionist and forwarded to the property manager to handle. In all instances, all calls 24-hours a day are answered by a live person, never an answering machine.
  • 3. Q: Will the Property Manager attend our Board Meetings?
    A: Yes. In addition, the property manager will prepare an Agenda and a Board Packet and send it to the Board five days before the meeting. Also, the property manager will take the minutes during the Board Meeting, give a Manager’s Report and discuss all items on the To-Do List (items given to the Manager to do by the Board).
  • 4. Q: How does the Board know if all the building systems are maintained properly and on a timely basis?
    A: In July and August of each year, a budget is prepared for the following year. At this time, a document called a Narrative is given to the Board. The Narrative lists all expenses for the building and includes a paragraph or two of information about these expenses. Included in the Budget and Narrative are all the items required for building system maintenance. Once these expenses are approved by the Board, an Annual Calendar is prepared listing each of these items and the month that they will be done. Using the approved Annual Calendar, the property manager prepares work orders in our system for the year. Each month, these work orders are printed out and the property manager has the approved work done. This way, the Board has approved all the work and the property manager is seeing that the work is accomplished.
  • 5. Q: Will you get our Association competitive bids for Insurance?
    A: Yes. We also will introduce you to Dorothy McCorkindale, the broker for our Master Insurance Program. We do not sell insurance or take commissions, but we have an insurance program through Chubb that is exceptional and almost all of our clients participate in it since the coverage is much better than what they could obtain on their own. Plus, the rates are very good.
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