FAQ – Apartment Building Management FAQ

  • 1. Q: Will Chandler Properties manage an apartment building outside of San Francisco?
    A: No. We specialize in managing only apartment buildings located in San Francisco. We know the City, and we feel we can provide top management services when the buildings we manage are only a short distance from our office.
  • 2. Q: What size apartment buildings will your company manage?
    A: We will manage 2 to 200 units.
  • 3. Q: If the building is under 16 units and does not have a Resident Manager, will your company manage the building?
    A: Yes, we have a Rental Department that will work along with the Property Manager to show and market the units.
  • 4. Q: How do you handle emergencies at night and on weekends?
    A: We have a 24-hour answering service. If there is an emergency at one of the buildings, anyone can call our main number, 415-921-5733, and the answering service will listen to the emergency and immediately page our emergency service contractor, Hetherington General & Plumbing Co. Hetherington will then dispatch a worker to address the emergency. If it is a small job, they will not only stop the emergency but perform the repair. If it is a large issue that would require more than a few hours to fix, they will stop the emergency and call the property manager, who will get bids to complete the repair. If an emergency happens during business hours, the call is received by our receptionist and forwarded to the property manager to handle. In all instances, all calls 24-hours a day are answered by a live person, never an answering machine.
  • 5. Q: When Chandler collects the rents, are they deposited in a large disbursement account?
    A: No. We set up a separate bank account for each building. We never co-mingle building funds. We will collect all rents, pay all bills and disburse all funds to the owner. The owner will let us know how much they want to keep each month in the account for emergencies or repairs. The balance is always sent to the owner along with a complete financial package by the fifteenth of the following month.
  • 6. Q: How does your company make sure that all the building systems are in good repair and all certifications are completed on a timely basis?
    A: We set up an Annual Calendar for monitoring maintenance and inspections on a monthly basis. Quotes are obtained for this work, and the owner is given the Annual Calendar and the quotes to approve. Once the owner has seen and approved the Annual Calendar and quotes, the property manager uses this Calendar as a tool to ensure compliance.
  • 7. Q: How much can the property manager spend out of the owner’s trust account without getting prior approval?
    A: The property manager can approve repairs up to $500 or $1,000 (whichever amount has been previously approved). However, unless it is an emergency, the property manager will email, fax or call the owner before any money is spent. The owner makes all the decisions, and the property manager facilitates and implements those decisions. In other words, the owner makes the decisions, we do the work. Also, the property manager will not sign any contracts for work to be done at the building. All contracts must have the owner’s signature.
  • 8. Q: Is your company more expensive than your competitors?
    A: We offer great services, and we simply do not charge more than our competitors.
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