Full Service Management for Your Homeowner Association

Homeowner associations have diverse needs. They must address the concerns and issues of individual homeowners and also need help with the management of the buildings, grounds and financial services. We specialize in providing first-class management services to homeowner associations and their board of directors.

First and foremost, we will keep your property exceptionally well maintained, safe and sound. We pay attention to every detail such as the landscaping, the entryways, the interiors and the exteriors. We first listen to your needs and then respond as quickly as possible. If you prefer a customized approach to property management, we can create it for you.

Our services include:

  • Building Systems Maintenance
  • Common Area Cleaning and Gardening Maintenance
  • Property Inspections
  • Emergency Services/Repairs
  • Comprehensive Accounting Services
  • Board of Directors’ Services

Building Systems Maintenance

Fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, elevator maintenance, ventilation systems, sprinklers and more are all critical to the safety of the homeowners, your property and your investment. Chandler Properties evaluates your building systems for general safety, last inspections and certifications required by law or common maintenance practice. In fact, we set up an Annual Calendar for monitoring maintenance and inspections on a monthly basis, along with the vendors who are responsible.

Common Area Cleaning and Gardening Maintenance

To help your homeowners maintain the value of their property, it’s imperative that common area cleaning and gardening services be performed on a routine basis. We can provide a range of services (daily, weekly, or monthly) depending on your association’s needs. In addition, we’ll evaluate any existing cleaning and gardening services and provide recommendations. We provide semi-annual or annual services such as exterior window cleaning, carpet cleaning, marble maintenance and more. As with all of these services, we obtain bids and will not schedule any work until approved by the Board.

Property Inspections

We think this is a critical part of our property management services. We routinely check up on weekly cleaning and maintenance and have our Property Managers on-site to monitor the quality of any ongoing repair work.

Emergency Services/Repairs

Chandler’s maintenance department can handle repairs including routine carpentry work, electrical repairs, locksmith repairs or plumbing leaks. We always obtain bids from outside vendors for work such as pest control, roof replacements, painting and waterproofing and large reconstruction or remodeling work. A Chandler maintenance person is on call seven days a week for emergencies. In emergency situations, the appropriate maintenance person will be dispatched immediately.

Board of Directors’ Services

Chandler Properties provides a number of services that can assist the Board in their duties. These include:

  • Maintains to-do list — this ongoing list summarizes all outstanding board member requests. Items are not removed until completed. This list is always included in the Board Packets that are sent one week before the board meeting.
  • Reviews all bid work — provides references to the Association on everything from contractors, plumbers, electricians and more.
  • Keeps the Board apprised of the latest homeowner association laws (city, state and national). See our industry affiliations.
  • Prepares board agendas, provides Board Packets with an updated to-do list and with information regarding each agenda item, notifies association members of the next meeting/agenda and takes minutes at all meetings.
  • Provides monthly financial package.

Comprehensive Accounting Services

In addition to our hands-on approach to property management in San Francisco, our comprehensive financial package will keep you up to date on all of the activities at your property. We collect all association fees from homeowners. Coupon books are used by homeowners to mail in their monthly fees directly to the bank. Reserve funds are transferred directly to an interest bearing savings account or reserve account. We also pay all association invoices.

In addition, we provide the Board with a comprehensive financial package that includes the following information:

  • Balance sheet
  • Income and expense statement
  • Owner assessments receivable
  • Check register
  • Bank account reconciliation for both operating account and reserve account
  • Copies of actual bank statements for all bank accounts set up for the association

Chandler Properties also prepares and presents the proposed annual budget to the Board. In addition, we prepare all information necessary for the end-of-year financial review and filing of taxes by the Association’s CPA.

View some of the buildings we manage.

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